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About ADS American Dental Sales Transitions

About ADS | Dental Practice Brokers

What is ADS Dental Practice Transitions?

ADS (American Dental Sales) Dental Practice Transitions is an alliance of independent dental practice brokers and management consultants. Formed in 1995, ADS has emerged as the premier source for finding trusted and experienced dental practice brokers & consultants.

Our association consists of 23 voting members. Most of our members have over 25 years of experience and the group as a whole has over 300 years of experience. Members are selected for their integrity, high standards, expertise and knowledge. Brokers and consultants seeking membership in ADS undergo a rigorous interview and criteria review process. Standards for membership include having a minimum of 5 years of experience in dental practice brokerage, having a qualifying number of dental practice transitions completed, as well as having professional and personal references for providing outstanding service and maintaining a good reputation.

What do we do?

Our mission is to offer the highest level of dental practice valuations, brokerage and consulting services to the dental profession on a national basis.

Since our inception, our goal as an organization has been two-fold:
  1. To set the benchmark for excellence within the dental practice brokerage industry.
  2. To be able to provide our services at a national level by utilizing a network of trustworthy & experienced dental practice brokers & consultants.

How do we do provide the highest level of dental brokerage services?

In order to ensure that all of our dental practice transitions go smoothly we start by having a solid set of guidelines and commitments to providing the best services possible. The ADS organization is led by an Executive Committee, consisting of six elected member officers, the immediate past-president, two elected members at-large and an executive director. The executive committee works directly with the ADS member specialists in order to ensure that all of its members are informed and educated on the most up-to-date techniques and strategies necessary to ensure a smooth and beneficial transition for both parties. Many of our members are frequent guest lecturers before dental societies, resident programs, dental fraternities, study clubs, dental schools and local seminar series.

ADS also participates in national and local dental convention meetings as an exhibitor, including ADA, AGD, Yankee Dental, Greater New York, New York District Dental Meeting, Chicago Dental Society Mid-Winter, The Hinman Dental Meeting, Florida National Dental Congress (FNDC) and the Miami Mid-Winter Meeting. Convention exhibitor participation is consistent throughout the country and we look forward to meeting you should you attend.

I thought everything went so smooth and so easy, just like you made the whole process in the past year. Betty and I are very appreciative of all you did in making this happen. We could not have been more pleased.

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